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Jamie Wang is a bilingual standup comedian. Born and raised in Shanghai, she started her comedy journey in Taipei.  She deceives the audience with her "scared innocent girl" stage persona and leaves them stunned by her audacious jokes and unfiltered humor.

Her sets often delves into politics, offering a refreshing take on Chinese identity, intertwining a deadpan delivery of dick jokes filled with a healthy dose of feminine rage. As a Chinese woman residing in Taiwan, she strives to reshape narratives for not only Chinese people, but also Asian women.

Jamie Wang has headlined all over Taiwan, and has also performed in Hong Kong and Shanghai. She has opened for Atsuko Okatsuka, Ron Josel, Elena Gabrielle, and so on. She is also featured on international media such as AxiosNPR, Al Jazeera, and Table.China.

She was also a host and script writer for Chinesepod, one of the best Chinese-learning platforms that produces entertaining videos for Chinese learners from all over the world.


Opening Act 

2023.11.23 / Jordan Leung: Bye Bye 2023

2023.11.10/ Sam See: Live in Taipei

2023.6.30 / Elena Gabrielle: Addickted in Taipei

2023.4.15 /  Ron Josol : Live in Taipei

2023.4.8 / Atsuko Okatsuka: Secret Show

2023.3.30/ Kuan-wen Huang: Ilha Formosa

Headline Show


2023.2.24 / "Size Doesn't Matter"

(this one broke the ticket selling record!)

@Two Three Comedy

2022.11.25 / "Comedy Night"

@American Club Taipei

2023.5.21 / "Comedy Night"

 @Sugar Factory


January 20, 2024


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January 19, 2024


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June 15, 2023


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June 12, 2023


Interview with Stand-up comedian Jamie Wang

March 14, 2023

Al Jazeera

Why Chinese students are an increasingly rare sight in Taiwan


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